I’m currently the owner of EPSEO and former SEO/SMO Specialist for Source Interlink Media (now TEN Media). In my position I’m responsible for coordinating all digital marketing efforts and maximizing search engine exposure for all of my client’s web properties

I got my start in digital marketing during 2007 while working for a major publication company in Irvine, CA. Since then, I have learned a lot about corporate business, start-ups, web development, sales, social media, SEO and most importantly, digital marketing. I owe a lot to Automotive.com where I’ve learned a lot from helpful people like Andrew, Sal, Lior, Chris, Dan, Darren, Todd, Charles, Joel, and many others.

I believe having a creative mind, technical skills, objective thinking, and a great set of tools get you the furthest in the digital field.
~ Edward Pacheco